Financial Planning Conference 2017

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The Inaugural Financial Planning Conference (FPC) is created to raise awareness of the need for financial planning and serve as a comprehensive platform for both the general public and financial practitioners with educational and training opportunities. This conference aim to highlight the importance of financial literacy, impact of new governmental policy directions and networking opportunities among the various industry stakeholders.

The Objectives of FPC

For Financial Practitioners

  • Provide a platform for financial planning professionals to discuss the necessity, benefits, challenges and progress of the financial planning profession.
  • Encourage the industry to promote the value of financial planning to their clients.
  • Promote the benefits of financial planning to financial planners, financial services providers and regulators.
  • Promote the value of the CFP® mark to the financial services industry.

For General Public

  • Raise awareness of the importance of financial literacy for the benefit of all Singaporeans.
  • Encourage consumers to take positive planning action.
  • Promote the benefits of financial planning to Singaporeans.
  • Promote the value of the CFP® mark to Singaporeans.


Our Supporting Partners:

Financial Planning Conference 2017 (2-day event) Focus
10 March 2017: The Way Forward (for financial practitioners)

The half day event is crafted specially for all financial practitioners and government regulatory agency representatives focusing on the way forward for the financial planning industry. Topics will include the impact and importance of Fintech, e-learning, challenges ahead.

This event is eligible for IBF FTS Funding Subsidy. More details on the funding is found on the event registration page : (Click on link to Register and for full programme listing)

All participants will be awarded 4 CDP Hours. Certificate of Attendance will be issued within 2 weeks after the event.

11 March 2017: Life’s Better with a Plan (for consumers)
This full day event is specially designed for the general public in Singapore in financial literacy and the pathway to create a good financial plan. Topics will include the importance of financial literacy, the various components of a good financial plan, credit risk and management and retirement planning.

This is a FREE event for the general public. To register: (Clink on link to Register and for full programme listing)

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