FPAS Boards

FPAS Boards

Certification Board

Certification_BoardThe Certification Board committee members are all CFP® certificants and will focus on the CFP® Certification Standards as well as on curriculum and examination matters relating to Body of Knowledge for the CFP® Certification Programme i.e. Module 1 to M6, the alignment of Job Analysis through FPSB, review and implementation of new study guides for the CFP® certification programme. They will also review and make changes to the examination questions, including relevance to the syllabus for the CFP® Certification Programme

Marketing & Communication Board

Certification_BoardThe Marketing & Communication board committee members are instrumental in ensuring the biennial issuance of the Financial Planning Magazine. They are also instrumental in ensuring a professional image for FPAS through establishing appropriate publicity and branding for FPAS and our membership in the industry and profession.

Standards Board

Certification_BoardThe Standards Board committee members will help FPAS establish guidance on parameters relevant for financial planners to drive FPAS to become a thought leader in the financial planning area. These parameters will include the various personal financial ratios, amount of emergency funds for various age group, Singapore inflation rate, average costs of education in Singapore and key overseas locations like Australia, UK, USA etc.

Finance Board


The Finance Board committee members are instrumental in ensuring the financial compliance and deference. They are qualified accounting professionals.

Membership and Public Education Board

Membership Board

The Membership Board committee members are instrumental in ensuring the membership events and CPD development programs are current and timely. They come from a wide spectrum of professionals in the financial industry and include senior corporate officers from the banks, fund and wealth managers, directors of insurance companies, risk managers and successful financial planning professionals.

Ethics Board


The Ethics Board committee members are instrumental in ensuring the strict adherence of the Code of Ethics stipulated in our Practitioner’s Manual. They help ensure the highest level of compliance of our profession.